Miehle Roland 4-col, Press

Miehle Roland 4-col, Press Miehle Roland 4-col, Press Miehle Roland 4-col, PressRoland 4 col. 40” offset press is in excellent operating shape.
Equipped with console this press will provide you with operating efficiency for your 4 colour process jobs.
This is a well maintained press that is still used daily – but became available due to purchase of a new press.
Priced to sell – this press will be an excellent acquisition.

Baum folder 15” x 20”

Baum folder 15” x 20”Heavy duty 15” x 20” desktop folder will handle both regular and coated papers as it comes with air.
Its sturdy construction will make it possible to handle even large jobs with efficiency.

Challenge Round Cornering Machine

Challenge Round Cornering MachineHydraulic Round Cornering Machine will handle your round cornering jobs with ease.
Simple to operate with a selection of different blades for a variety of projects.

Platen Electronic Foil Stamping Press 30” x 41”

Platen Electronic Foil Stamping Press 30” x 41”TMZ press equipped with a high quality, electronic foil stamping unit
– with a 17mm thick, Honeycomb heating plate
– with 6 heating zones,
– twin Hot Foil Driving unit
– with tension holder for foil cylinders
– 2 power cylinders,
– 2 rubber rollers,
– and 2 re-winding rollers for used foil.
– as well as an electronic processor unit,
– and spare parts
operates on 220 volt 3 phase – and draws 25 amps.

Senator 65” Paper Cutter

Senator 65” Paper CutterThis Schneider Senator 65” wide paper cutter has an updated computer. The air table eases the handling of large sheets.
The cutter is in excellent operating condition and still connected for testing.

Heidelberg 15” x 20.5”

Heidelberg 15” x 20.5”This rare model compact die cutting press will handle even your large jobs with ease.
It is in excellent working condition can be seen running and takes a very small space.
Ideal for presentation folders or similar jobs where performance really counts.

Heidelberg 20” x 27”

Heidelberg 20” x 27”A realiable performer among all automatic die cutting presses.
This press will run all day and do most of your die cutting work with dependable results.
This is a well maintained press that will out perform any other make and offer you years of problem free operation.

Kluge 12” x 18”

Kluge 12” x 18”Easy to set up – easy to operate.
This fully automatic die cutting press is preferred for its simplicity.
Its size fits most small – medium prnt jobs. Will die cut, emboss or perforate.
Due to its unique feed system will handle jobs that would not fit on a cylinder press.