Hand Platen 25” x 35

Hand Platen 25” x 35Mansfield platen die cutting press has double mics, clutch, drive, variable speed control and hardened steel die cutting plate.
This sturdy hand platen will give you many years of good service at a minimum investment.

Hand Platen 14” x 24”

Hand Platen 14” x 24”Small hand platen press has sturdy build, drive and variable speed control – and hardened steel plate.
Will do big jobs – that need only small format – without strain!

Heidelberg Windmill 10” x 15”

Heidelberg Windmill 10” x 15”Late model Heidelberg 10” x 15” Windmill will die cut , perforate, score and emboss your jobs with speed, quality and great efficiency.
Well maintained and handled with care this press will give you many years of service.

Senator Paper Cutter 52”

Senator Paper Cutter 52”Heavy duty Schneider Senator 52” Paper Cutter has four program channels and air table to ease your work.
This easy to operate cutter is in great working condition and will handle all your heavy cutting jobs.

Baum folder 26” x 40”

Baum folder 26” x 40”Late model continuous feed Baum Folder is equipped with steel polymer combination rollers for better control.
Very clean, well maintained unit from medium sized printer.

Pouch Filler/Laminator

Pouch Filler/LaminatorForms packaging line max.size 10” x 12.5” for filling, laminating and sealing vinyl pouches.
Made by Circle Packaging this line can produce packaged products at 16.6 ft. per minute.
Comes with its own waste removal system, drawings, schematics and an inventory of spare parts.
Detailed photographs available.

Hi-Output Paper Shredder

Hi-Output Paper ShredderScheichler paper shredders have been designed with security in mind.
3.8 mm shred with 40mm cross cut will ensure thorough processing quality for the destruction of printed documents or forms.
Take-away conveyor is available.

Utility Label Applicator

Utility Label ApplicatorThis utility label applicator may be easily added to your production line.
Capable to do top,side or bottom labelling and are designed to be applied to any existing system.
Dispensing at variable speed up to 150 ft./min, max. 6” x 10” labels with 1/16” accuracy – this applicator can be a valuable addition to your operations.

Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer

Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer Dick Moll Marathon Folder GluerEfficient finishing of presentation folders starts with a Moll Folder Gluer.
The unique folding plate coupled with the Tipper Plate sets the Marathon in a class by itself. The pulse control feeding mechanism and electronic pile height controlled feeder are just the beginning of a revolutionary pocket folder.

Features include: Moll automatic fold roll settings, Moll super-grip fold rolls and stainless steel fold plates and formers.
Also the extra wide capacity, unitized steel frames and DC speed control allows the toughest jobs to be performed on the Marathon Folder/Gluer.

More Features:
Automatic fold roll settings.
Tipper plate with dual anti-marking rollers.
Sealed ball bearings throughout.
Electronic pile height controlled feeder.
Grooved segmented glue fold rolls.
Optional second fold plate.
Dial-a-Stack with electronic scanner control eliminates jam-ups caused by feeder gaps.