5 KW Overhead Light

5 KW Overhead LightOlite 5 KW Overhead Light well maintained and in excellent working condition.
Comes with integrator.
Also available with Douthit
30” x 40” vacuum frame.
Both have very little usage and checked out mechanically and electrically.

Acme Wire Stitcher

Acme Wire StitcherAcme flat wire box stitcher – ideal for making large format docket covers or boxes.
Electrically operated – this stitcher will prove itself on the short run.
Easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Hand Platen 25” x 35

Hand Platen 25” x 35Mansfield platen die cutting press has double mics, clutch, drive, variable speed control and hardened steel die cutting plate.
This sturdy hand platen will give you many years of good service at a minimum investment.

Hand Platen 14” x 24”

Hand Platen 14” x 24”Small hand platen press has sturdy build, drive and variable speed control – and hardened steel plate.
Will do big jobs – that need only small format – without strain!

Heidelberg Windmill 10” x 15”

Heidelberg Windmill 10” x 15”Late model Heidelberg 10” x 15” Windmill will die cut , perforate, score and emboss your jobs with speed, quality and great efficiency.
Well maintained and handled with care this press will give you many years of service.

Senator Paper Cutter 52”

Senator Paper Cutter 52”Heavy duty Schneider Senator 52” Paper Cutter has four program channels and air table to ease your work.
This easy to operate cutter is in great working condition and will handle all your heavy cutting jobs.