Thomson 28” x 40” Hand Platen

Thomson 28” x 40” Hand PlatenThis very reliable heavy duty hand platen die cutting press has been completely refurbished.
It is equipped with variable speed control, heavy duty drive and hardened steel die cutting plate.
Still connected.

Bloapco Heavy Duty Shredder 54”

Bloapco Heavy Duty Shredder 54”The Rolls Royce of all shredders, Bloapco will reducepaper, board or corrugated and will compact your load as much as 75%.
Saves energy and transport costs.
It is in excellent condition both mechanically and for show.
Try it and you will like it!

Potdevin Mounter and Roller Press

Potdevin Mounter and Roller PressPotdevin 46” Mounter and Roller Press has been completely rebuilt.
Use it for mounting paper to board or board to board you will find this equipment very reliable.
Therefore most finishers depend on Potdevin mounters.

USM Grommet Machine

USM Grommet MachineUSM Grommet Machines have heavy duty construction and reliable design.
They perform efficiently and save you both time and effort.
This grommet machine is in excellent working condition and can be tested at your convenience.

5 KW Overhead Light

5 KW Overhead LightOlite 5 KW Overhead Light well maintained and in excellent working condition.
Comes with integrator.
Also available with Douthit
30” x 40” vacuum frame.
Both have very little usage and checked out mechanically and electrically.

Acme Wire Stitcher

Acme Wire StitcherAcme flat wire box stitcher – ideal for making large format docket covers or boxes.
Electrically operated – this stitcher will prove itself on the short run.
Easy to operate and easy to maintain.