1995 Sitma Bagger

1995 Sitma Bagger Model C 905 with feeder, 4 pockets, computer control and operating console. Under power in excellent working condition. 1995SitmaBaggerC9052Priced to sell.

Polar 115CE 45″ Paper Cutter

This 1975 Polar CE 45″ Paper Cutter is equipped with safety beams, Microcut computer and air on the main table. Well maintained and in excellent working condition. Priced for a fast sale.1975Polar115CE

1994 WUPA PS 4.4 Auto Platen Die Cutter

1994 WUPA PS 4.4 die cutter in excellent working condition.

Max.Size:112 x 80 cm (44 x 31 inch)
• Size : 80 x 112
• Speed : 7500 p/h
Machine with 2 chases and 2 frames and with many stripping nails and parts
Available immediately.1994 Wupa Magnatop PS 42

2000 Brausse Platen Foil Stamper 28″ x 41″

2000 Brausse PE 102/50F 28″ x 41″ Platen Press with double mics, dwell, pneumatic clutch, operator console and 2 draw Foil System.

45″ x 32″ Mobile Bed Size

40″ x 29″ Inner Chase Size

40″ x 29″ Max Stamping Area2000BrausseFoilS2840

Concept 4-Color Web Press 20.5″

1997 Muller Martini 4-color 20.5″ web press has 20″ Wide Vertical Splicer, Model EKR1000 Web Guide System, Quad Tech Double Sided Slip Cone Coater, Muller Martini Rotary Sheeter, Advanced Graphic Equipment Receeding Stacker (4) 23″ Cutoff Print Inserter, 213M impressions1997MMConcepta

Bobst SP 1260-E Auto Platen Die Cutter

This 1961 Bobst SP 1260 E Auto Platen Die Cutter is in mint condition. It is equipped with pile feeder, preload, male/female stripper station. Comes with  two plates and chases. Excellent gripper register

Max. sheet size 49″ x 36″

Min. sheet size 19.6″ x 13.7″

Max. speed 4,500 sheets/hr.1961BobstSP1260E1a

Universal FG-1100 XLC Folder Gluer

2000 Universal FG-1100 XLC Folder Gluer comes with HHS C-1100 Glue Controller and Nordson Problue 7 hot glue system. It is loaded with features such as:  Prebreaking of cartons (folds 1 and 3) Interior partition folding, Glue tab folding and ironing, Bottom glue application, Remote folding assembly, Motorized width adjustment with lockout – a full list of specifications available2000UniversalFG1100

Heidelberg 10″ x 15″ with New Foil System

Late model Heidelberg “red ball” 10″ x 15″ letterpress with factory installed brand new “Quick Foil” foil stamping system with draw, electronic digital controller and heat plate.

The “Quick Foil” foil stamper will allow you  a fast change over from foil stamping to embossing, printing or die cutting  – without making any major change. It is guaranteed to perform and parts and accessories are available within 24 hours.

The demand for foil stamping is growing and you will recover your investment in a very short time.