S & S Board Slitter 96″

S & S Board Slitter with accessories available in excellent operating condition. This compact unit works efficiently, saves space by limiting storage of various board sizes. Able to deliver the right size of board for your production in minutes.


Seybold 65″ Paper Cutter

Seybold Heavy Duty 65″ guillotine ideal for paper or paper board. It is in excellent working  condition equipped with Gergek computer. It comes with at least 5 sets of extra blades. A great cutter for those heavy duty jobs.



Cauhe Simplacutter Die Cutter 59″ x 101″

Simplacutter591011003201812002 Cauhe large format Die Cutter 59″ x 101″ equipped with double mics, pneumatic clutch, variable speed drive, plate lifters, overhead operator controls in excellent working condition available immediately. This is a very rare large format press. If you are interested call now as it will be available only for a very short time

Universal 100″ Slitter/Scorer

Universal 100″ slitter/scorer is fully guarded comes with slitting and scoring heads. It is in excellent running condition. Using a slitter you will save a lot of storage for different sizes of boards and reduce your cost of running charges. The machine takes limited space and pays for itself in a short span of time.Universal100aslitter

Lawson 87″ Heavy Duty Guillotine

Refurbished Lawson 87″ x 100″  guillotine equipped withLawson87R

Accucut 165 Backgauge controller
Factory Lawson cut and clamp circuit
Modular hydraulic system for easy blade changes and improved safety
Double end pull conical gearboxes.
Safety beams
Main table and side tables include air.

Beck Sheeter 45″

45″ Beck sheeter comes with roll stand and conveyor delivery. Excellent running condition – well maintained.Beck4508242018

Imperia Die Cutter 22″ x 30″

Imperia 22″ x 30″ die cutter is equipped with electric clutch, heavy duty drive and safeties. The press is in excellent working condition. Comes with a chase for fast set up. Does an excellent job on small format projects.Imperia223008242018

Standard Die Cutter 32″ x 44″

Standard Heavy Duty Die Cutter  32″ x 44″  (made in Spain) equipped with double mics, heavy duty motor, air clutch, dwell, operator console and safety. The press is in excellent operating condition. Standard334708242018

Potdevin Gluer 46″

This heavy duty 46″ Potdevin gluer has removable glue tray, board attachment and roll away metal stand. Looks and works like new. Optional 48″ Potdevin rotary press also refurbished will complete this set. Ready for  your large format moun6ting jobs at a very attractive cost.Potdevin Gluer 46" and Potdevin Rotary Press 48"


Potdevin TMZ Gluer 27″

Potdevin 27″ gluer with removable glue tray complete with roll away stand fully refurbished like new. Optional Potdevin 30″ rotary press with roll away stand also fully refurbished. A nice set at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.Potdevin 32” gluer