Heiber & Schröder Window Patcher

2002 Heiber & Schroder Model WP11/3M window patcher
Maximum blank width: 1100 mm; minimum blank width: 80 mm
Maximum blank length: 1020 mm; minimum blank length: 100 mm
Maximum film width: 840 mm; minimum film width: 30 mm
Maximum film length: 720 mm; minimum film length: 60 mm
2-stream   suction belt feeder, vibrator at feeder,
straightening- and transport chain, cliché cold glue system,
vacuum transport belt, counter and marker attachment,
Matic (automatic format adjustment), paper and solid board
from 250 g/m2 up to 800 g/m2, F, E- and B-flute up to 5 mm
thickness, max. machine speed 60.000 pieces/hour.
with Cerval Motors.
Automatic Roll Changer,
3-stream Servo drive
Fully Automatic Stacker AS 1400,
3-stream Conveyor

2016 Panotec “Box on Demand”

Nextpro is the perfect packaging machine for highly flexible production
management and high packaging volumes.
Thanks to the automatic and independent set up, in terms of production
Nextpro provides high speed, flexibility and high efficiency.

Suitable for:

big companies with highly efficient workflows
high productivity requirements
production of more than 10 boxes per minute
for production in high flexibility (batch size 1)

Technical features

Operating width   2.5
Productivity level   high
Boxes/day (batch size 1)      more than 10 / min
Boxes     >1000
Boxes/day (in batches)   >2000
Box formats    particularly suitable for complex box formats
Feed rate    48m / min
Cardboard feed    fanfold
Cardboard feed cassettes  up to 6 fanfold stacks
No. longitudinal units   up to 12
No. creasing units   up to 12
Creasing    standard / serrated
Cardboard waste management  Available
Cardboard thickness   2 mm to 7 mm
Min. length open box  380 mm
Power supply    11 kW
Electrical connections   400V / 50Hz (European) – 480V / 60Hz (USA)
Compressed air    min 6-7 bar (max. consumption 117 Nl/min)
Software    Boxlink PRO 2.0  go to software
Hardware    Schneider

Pasaban KD1700 Precision Sheeter 66″

PASABAN KD 1700 Sheeter
Manufacture year 1995
Width 66”
Length of cut 18” to 70”
Slitting 2-out, Pasaban tooling
Two (2) Off Set Pivot Edge Guides, E&L (Erhart and Leimer)
Reject Gate
Doyle Sheet Cleaner
Decurl, Single Bar
Stacker, Continuous run forks with Chain lift table, Skid height 60”
Slide Plate continuous run finished skid auto transfer
Roll Stands, 2 Stationary Pasaban Shaftless Floor Pick up. 60” Diameter
RE Pneumatic Brakes with Tension Control


Semi-Automatic Machine for Hard Cover Production Zechini Roby Junior 2
The machine is practically new, unpacked only for testing after purchase.
She produced only 250 covers.

Manufacturer’s description:
The machine is very easy to set up, use and service.
Thanks to the automatic cardboard feeder, Roby Junior 2 can produce up
to 250 covers per hour.

Roby Junior 2 is equipped with the following elements:
Corner clipping module,
Adhesive module,
Vacuum table,
Automatic cardboard feeder,
Module for veneer edge wrapping,
Press rolls,
Corner wrapping module,
Module for manual cardboard positioning,
Types of veneers that can be used: smooth and laminated paper, \
photo paper, canvas, artificial and real leather, etc.

Potdevin Rotary Press 60″

Potdevin Rotary Press 60″ wide looks and works like new except at a much reduce cost. Use it for your large format laminating jobs – it will save you time and effort.


Cauhe Die Cutter 59″ x 98″ equipped with pneumatic clutch, double mics, overhead operator control, hardened die cutting plate, electric quick chase, plate lifters, safety laser beams, safety mats and safety cage and large aluminum operator platform. It comes with two pneumatic lift tables 3,000 lbs. capacity each for feeding materials.

1985 CFM Superflex 806 6 Color 40″ Flexo Press

1985 CMF Superflex 806 Flexo Printing, 6 color, 40″,  Roll to Roll, Plastic
printing (Made in Italy)  Customer Purchased New In 1985

Included with the machine 75 Cylinder   & Three Cylinder Racks. Ink  room
Fire Suppression System. Solvent recovery system, Harley Opticheck Mounter.
Lots of drum carts ad air pumps, spare parts, etc.
75 Various sizes of rollers

The printing Cylinders are 40″
The press is a stack, 6 colour Flexo   . It can print 6 colours on one side,
or three colours on two sides, or five and one, or four and two

Analox rollers are 200 screen and if we did screen work (Process) then
it was only with one colour at 55 screen (not 60).
This press is really a Flexo stack machine.

Ko-Tai Platen Die Cutter 53″ x 74″

Heavy Duty large format Ko-Tai press the Rolls Royce of die cutters 53″ x 74″ equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, pneumatic clutch, central lubrication system, overhead operator control and safeties. Excellent working condition – under power for testing. Priced reasonable.

Brausse Platen Die Cutter 55″ x 79″

Late model Brausse Platen Die Cutter 55″ x 79″ equipped with air clutch, variable speed drive, double mics, overhead operator controls, dwell, automatic lubrication and safeties. Optional lift and receding tables to make feeding a breeze. Excellent operating condition still under power for testing.

Brausse Die Cutter 32″ x 45″

Late model Brausse Platen Die Cutter equipped with double mics, air clutch, operating console, speed control, dwell and safeties. The press is in excellent operating condition still under power for inspection. Optional lift and receding feed tables available.