Utility Label Applicator

Utility Label ApplicatorThis utility label applicator may be easily added to your production line.
Capable to do top,side or bottom labelling and are designed to be applied to any existing system.
Dispensing at variable speed up to 150 ft./min, max. 6” x 10” labels with 1/16” accuracy – this applicator can be a valuable addition to your operations.

Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer

Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer Dick Moll Marathon Folder GluerEfficient finishing of presentation folders starts with a Moll Folder Gluer.
The unique folding plate coupled with the Tipper Plate sets the Marathon in a class by itself. The pulse control feeding mechanism and electronic pile height controlled feeder are just the beginning of a revolutionary pocket folder.

Features include: Moll automatic fold roll settings, Moll super-grip fold rolls and stainless steel fold plates and formers.
Also the extra wide capacity, unitized steel frames and DC speed control allows the toughest jobs to be performed on the Marathon Folder/Gluer.

More Features:
Automatic fold roll settings.
Tipper plate with dual anti-marking rollers.
Sealed ball bearings throughout.
Electronic pile height controlled feeder.
Grooved segmented glue fold rolls.
Optional second fold plate.
Dial-a-Stack with electronic scanner control eliminates jam-ups caused by feeder gaps.

Roller Press 30”

Roller Press 30”For any mounting job – you will need a good roller press.
This press has been well looked after It runs great with absolutely prefect roller set.
It is so clean that you will not believe that it has ever been used!
And it will work well with your Potdevin mounter.