Pasaban KD1700 Precision Sheeter 66″

PASABAN KD 1700 Sheeter
Manufacture year 1995
Width 66”
Length of cut 18” to 70”
Slitting 2-out, Pasaban tooling
Two (2) Off Set Pivot Edge Guides, E&L (Erhart and Leimer)
Reject Gate
Doyle Sheet Cleaner
Decurl, Single Bar
Stacker, Continuous run forks with Chain lift table, Skid height 60”
Slide Plate continuous run finished skid auto transfer
Roll Stands, 2 Stationary Pasaban Shaftless Floor Pick up. 60” Diameter
RE Pneumatic Brakes with Tension Control


Semi-Automatic Machine for Hard Cover Production Zechini Roby Junior 2
The machine is practically new, unpacked only for testing after purchase.
She produced only 250 covers.

Manufacturer’s description:
The machine is very easy to set up, use and service.
Thanks to the automatic cardboard feeder, Roby Junior 2 can produce up
to 250 covers per hour.

Roby Junior 2 is equipped with the following elements:
Corner clipping module,
Adhesive module,
Vacuum table,
Automatic cardboard feeder,
Module for veneer edge wrapping,
Press rolls,
Corner wrapping module,
Module for manual cardboard positioning,
Types of veneers that can be used: smooth and laminated paper, \
photo paper, canvas, artificial and real leather, etc.


Cauhe Die Cutter 59″ x 98″ equipped with pneumatic clutch, double mics, overhead operator control, hardened die cutting plate, electric quick chase, plate lifters, safety laser beams, safety mats and safety cage and large aluminum operator platform. It comes with two pneumatic lift tables 3,000 lbs. capacity each for feeding materials.

Brausse Platen Die Cutter 55″ x 79″

Late model Brausse Platen Die Cutter 55″ x 79″ equipped with air clutch, variable speed drive, double mics, overhead operator controls, dwell, automatic lubrication and safeties. Optional lift and receding tables to make feeding a breeze. Excellent operating condition still under power for testing.

Brausse Die Cutter 32″ x 45″

Late model Brausse Platen Die Cutter equipped with double mics, air clutch, operating console, speed control, dwell and safeties. The press is in excellent operating condition still under power for inspection. Optional lift and receding feed tables available.

Schaefer Gluer and Rotary Press 52″

This set of Schaefer Gluer and Rotary Press is like new. Rarely used since it was purchased. A very nice set that will handle your large format mounting jobs efficiently. Both units are mounted on casters – if not in use they can be easily rolled away from the production floor

Cousins Skid Wrapper

This Cousins skid wrapper with digital controls will make your packaging jobs a breeze. Instead of applying plastic wrap by hand it will do a professional job automatically and have your skids wrapped in minutes. It looks and works like new.

Thomson 8-7 ACDM 38″ x 54″ Die Cutter

This late model heavy duty Thomson die cutter is equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, air clutch, operator’s console and safety. This is a very clean press, well maintained and in excellent working condition.Thomson87385406112018

2000 Brausse Platen Foil Stamper 28″ x 41″

2000 Brausse PE 102/50F 28″ x 41″ Platen Press with double mics, dwell, pneumatic clutch, operator console and 2 draw Foil System.

45″ x 32″ Mobile Bed Size

40″ x 29″ Inner Chase Size

40″ x 29″ Max Stamping Area2000BrausseFoilS2840