Potdevin Rotary Press 60″

Potdevin Rotary Press 60″ wide looks and works like new except at a much reduce cost. Use it for your large format laminating jobs – it will save you time and effort.

Potdevin Gluer 46″

This heavy duty 46″ Potdevin gluer has removable glue tray, board attachment and roll away metal stand. Looks and works like new. Optional 48″ Potdevin rotary press also refurbished will complete this set. Ready for  your large format moun6ting jobs at a very attractive cost.Potdevin Gluer 46" and Potdevin Rotary Press 48"


Potdevin TMZ Gluer 27″

Potdevin 27″ gluer with removable glue tray complete with roll away stand fully refurbished like new. Optional Potdevin 30″ rotary press with roll away stand also fully refurbished. A nice set at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.Potdevin 32” gluer


This is a rebuilt Potdevin 2R 12″ Hot Gluer. It looks and operates like new but it will cost you less that 50% of a new unit. It is a table top unit, easy to clean and even more easy to maintain and operate. But hurry – it is a very popular model and may be sold any time.




Completely rebuilt Potdevin 60″ rotary press with stand wil be a valuable asset for those large format lamination projects. Operates at 120V single phase power. Comes with casters for easy placement.


Potdevin Hot Gluer 21″

Completely rebuilt Potdevin Gluer 21″ with cast iron tank, heaters, heat control and stand – looks and works like new – but at deeply reduced cost ready for delivery. But hurry – there is only one unit available.


Potdevin Edge Gluer 1″

potdevinedgegluer02Rebuilt Potdevin 1″ wide Edge Gluer available for immediate shipment.

Looks and works like new – but at a fraction of  its original cost.

Potdevin Mod. “Z” Gluer 46″

Potdevin Gluer 46" and Potdevin Rotary Press 48"
Potdevin Heavy Duty Gluer 46″completely rebuilt – like new.
Easy to clean removable glue tray and roll away stand.
Less than half of the price of a new unit.
matching Potdevin Rotary Press 48″ is also available.