2000 Rabolini/Imperia Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″

2000 Imperia Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″ comes with automatic feed and delivery sections and full size heat plate. Will easily handle paper or board substrates save time and effort by replacing manual feeding.

Te press has dual mics, pneumatic clutch, speed control, operator’s console and equipped with safety features. It has low usage and is in excellent working condition.2000RaboliniImperia3347

Bobst SP 1260 Foil Stamper Embosser

bobst1260f1968 Bobst SP 1260 is equipped with an Eagle foil system and heat plate. The Eagle system was installed in the late 90’s and it is in excellent working condition.

The press may be inspected in operation.

Platen Electronic Foil Stamping Press 30” x 41”

Platen Electronic Foil Stamping Press 30” x 41”TMZ press equipped with a high quality, electronic foil stamping unit
– with a 17mm thick, Honeycomb heating plate
– with 6 heating zones,
– twin Hot Foil Driving unit
– with tension holder for foil cylinders
– 2 power cylinders,
– 2 rubber rollers,
– and 2 re-winding rollers for used foil.
– as well as an electronic processor unit,
– and spare parts
operates on 220 volt 3 phase – and draws 25 amps.