Universal FG-1100 XLC Folder Gluer

2000 Universal FG-1100 XLC Folder Gluer comes with HHS C-1100 Glue Controller and Nordson Problue 7 hot glue system. It is loaded with features such as:  Prebreaking of cartons (folds 1 and 3) Interior partition folding, Glue tab folding and ironing, Bottom glue application, Remote folding assembly, Motorized width adjustment with lockout – a full list of specifications available2000UniversalFG1100


KLUGE COMFOLD FOLDER GLUER WITH HOT MELT SYSTEM2009 Kluge Comfold for sale. The unit consists of a basic Comfold section plus a right-angle turn table and an additional 9 foot folding section. The machine has been factory fitted to do over-night mailers. It is equipped with two tabbers from Straub. There are two mini hot melt systems on the machine. It comes with optional equipment for auto-bottom boxes, and many more.

Moll Marathon Folder Gluer

Moll Marathon Folder GluerMoll Marathon Folder Gluer complete with pressurized glue system and final fold section available in exceptional good condition. This seldom used folder gluer was lovingly maintained and operated in this small specialty shop.
May be inspected in operation.

Post 50” Straight Line Folder Gluer

Post 50” Straight Line Folder GluerThis Post 50” Folder Gluer has been updated with new glue system, final fold section and new controls.
It has been well maintained and it is in excellent working condition. Can be seen in operation.

1993 Jagenberg 115 Folder Gluer

1993 Jagenberg 115 Folder GluerStaright line, auto bottom,4-6 corners with Danfoss backfold, counte/ kicker, Valco glue extrusion system, new belt drive and tension device, long pneumatic stacker, spares – including additional backfold motor.
Well maintained and updated.
May be inspected in operation