Kluge EHD 14″ x 22″ Foil Stamper Die Cutter

Kluge EHD 14″ x 22″ Die Cutter Foil Stamper. Able to run  a large variety of stocks with reliable feeder and excellent registration. Upgraded electrical controls, well maintained. Comes with full size heat plate, honeycomb and hardened plate for die cutting. For a short video click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP2jJ-jczR0

2000 Rabolini/Imperia Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″

2000 Imperia Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″ comes with automatic feed and delivery sections and full size heat plate. Will easily handle paper or board substrates save time and effort by replacing manual feeding.

Te press has dual mics, pneumatic clutch, speed control, operator’s console and equipped with safety features. It has low usage and is in excellent working condition.2000RaboliniImperia3347