Ko-Tai Platen Die Cutter 53″ x 74″

Heavy Duty large format Ko-Tai press the Rolls Royce of die cutters 53″ x 74″ equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, pneumatic clutch, central lubrication system, overhead operator control and safeties. Excellent working condition – under power for testing. Priced reasonable.

Cauhe Simplacutter Die Cutter 59″ x 101″

Simplacutter591011003201812002 Cauhe large format Die Cutter 59″ x 101″ equipped with double mics, pneumatic clutch, variable speed drive, plate lifters, overhead operator controls in excellent working condition available immediately. This is a very rare large format press. If you are interested call now as it will be available only for a very short time

Standard Die Cutter 32″ x 44″

Standard Heavy Duty Die Cutter  32″ x 44″  (made in Spain) equipped with double mics, heavy duty motor, air clutch, dwell, operator console and safety. The press is in excellent operating condition. Standard334708242018


TitanErbam28412Heavy duty Titan/Erba 33″ x 47″ die cutter with double mics, variable speed drive, hydraulic clutch and operator control available in excellent running condition.

Still under power – can be inspected at any time.


TMZ Heavy Duty Platen Die Cutter

1991tmz41571991 TMZ Platen Die Cutter (made by Cauhe in Spain) was used as a foil stamper.

The press is equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, air clutch, central lubrication and operator’s control. Since it was used mostly for foil stamping –  it has very little wear,

Power requirements – 220V   3  Phase. Foil draw and heat plate  are not included.

Hand Platen Die Cutter 35” x 47”

Hand Platen Die Cutter 35” x 47”This late model Yawa die cutting press was used in an in-house die making shop to test dies. Equipped with electro magnetic clutch, variable speed control, double mics and safety – would be a valuable addition to your shop.