Cauhe Simplacutter Die Cutter 59″ x 101″

Simplacutter591011003201812002 Cauhe large format Die Cutter 59″ x 101″ equipped with double mics, pneumatic clutch, variable speed drive, plate lifters, overhead operator controls in excellent working condition available immediately. This is a very rare large format press. If you are interested call now as it will be available only for a very short time

Standard Die Cutter 32″ x 44″

Standard Heavy Duty Die Cutter  32″ x 44″  (made in Spain) equipped with double mics, heavy duty motor, air clutch, dwell, operator console and safety. The press is in excellent operating condition. Standard334708242018


TitanErbam28412Heavy duty Titan/Erba 33″ x 47″ die cutter with double mics, variable speed drive, hydraulic clutch and operator control available in excellent running condition.

Still under power – can be inspected at any time.


TMZ Heavy Duty Platen Die Cutter

1991tmz41571991 TMZ Platen Die Cutter (made by Cauhe in Spain) was used as a foil stamper.

The press is equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, air clutch, central lubrication and operator’s control. Since it was used mostly for foil stamping –  it has very little wear,

Power requirements – 220V   3  Phase. Foil draw and heat plate  are not included.

Hand Platen Die Cutter 35” x 47”

Hand Platen Die Cutter 35” x 47”This late model Yawa die cutting press was used in an in-house die making shop to test dies. Equipped with electro magnetic clutch, variable speed control, double mics and safety – would be a valuable addition to your shop.

Thomson 28” x 40” Hand Platen

Thomson 28” x 40” Hand PlatenThis very reliable heavy duty hand platen die cutting press has been completely refurbished.
It is equipped with variable speed control, heavy duty drive and hardened steel die cutting plate.
Still connected.