Kluge EHD 14″ x 22″ Foil Stamper Die Cutter

Kluge EHD 14″ x 22″ Die Cutter Foil Stamper. Able to run  a large variety of stocks with reliable feeder and excellent registration. Upgraded electrical controls, well maintained. Comes with full size heat plate, honeycomb and hardened plate for die cutting. For a short video click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP2jJ-jczR0

Ko-Tai Platen Die Cutter 53″ x 74″

Heavy Duty large format Ko-Tai press the Rolls Royce of die cutters 53″ x 74″ equipped with double mics, variable speed drive, pneumatic clutch, central lubrication system, overhead operator control and safeties. Excellent working condition – under power for testing. Priced reasonable.

Cauhe Simplacutter Die Cutter 59″ x 101″

Simplacutter591011003201812002 Cauhe large format Die Cutter 59″ x 101″ equipped with double mics, pneumatic clutch, variable speed drive, plate lifters, overhead operator controls in excellent working condition available immediately. This is a very rare large format press. If you are interested call now as it will be available only for a very short time

Imperia Die Cutter 22″ x 30″

Imperia 22″ x 30″ die cutter is equipped with electric clutch, heavy duty drive and safeties. The press is in excellent working condition. Comes with a chase for fast set up. Does an excellent job on small format projects.Imperia223008242018

Standard Die Cutter 32″ x 44″

Standard Heavy Duty Die Cutter  32″ x 44″  (made in Spain) equipped with double mics, heavy duty motor, air clutch, dwell, operator console and safety. The press is in excellent operating condition. Standard334708242018

1994 WUPA PS 4.4 Auto Platen Die Cutter

1994 WUPA PS 4.4 die cutter in excellent working condition.

Max.Size:112 x 80 cm (44 x 31 inch)
• Size : 80 x 112
• Speed : 7500 p/h
Machine with 2 chases and 2 frames and with many stripping nails and parts
Available immediately.1994 Wupa Magnatop PS 42

Miehle Cylinder Die Cutter 7.0 51″ x 74″

Miehle 7.0  Cylinder Die Cutter 51″ x 74″ still under power for inspection available immediately. This press is equipped  with belt take off and it is in excellent operating condition. Designed for die cutting corrugated material using flat bed steel rule dies . It is a very clean press and offered at a very attractive price. This is the largest die cutter made by Miehle and could be a valuable addition to your production facilities.Miehle705174052920181

Thomson 8-6 38″ x 54″ Platen Die Cutter

Thomson 38″ x 54″ Heavy Duty Platen Die Cutter equipped with air clutch, upgraded drive, electronic speed control system, central lubrication.. The press was just taken out of production due to closure of the shop. Excellent working condition – priced reasonable for quick sale.


1995 Bobst Type 160 Vision Die Cutter

1995BobstVision6This 1995 Bobst 160 Vision Die Cutter has an extremely low  – only 8,900 impression count.

This is a very clean press in exceptional good working condition. Will handle solid board, practically all types of corrugated board and semi rigid plastics.


Corrugated board   0.75 to 9 mm
Corrugated flute type  A, B, C, D, E, F, G, N, O,
AB, AC, BC, EB, EF, Triple wall
Solid Board max 9 mm
Semi-rigid plastics  max 9 mm

Sheet size  min 400  x  600 mm   max  1100  x  1600 mm
Speed  4500 s/h
Cutting size  max 1075  x  1600 mm
Gripper margin  11 to 18 mm
Height of cutting rules  23.8 mm