1985 CMF Superflex 806 Flexo Printing, 6 color, 40″,  Roll to Roll, Plastic
printing (Made in Italy)  Customer Purchased New In 1985

Included with the machine 75 Cylinder   & Three Cylinder Racks. Ink  room
Fire Suppression System. Solvent recovery system, Harley Opticheck Mounter.
Lots of drum carts ad air pumps, spare parts, etc.
75 Various sizes of rollers

The printing Cylinders are 40″
The press is a stack, 6 colour Flexo   . It can print 6 colours on one side,
or three colours on two sides, or five and one, or four and two

Analox rollers are 200 screen and if we did screen work (Process) then
it was only with one colour at 55 screen (not 60).
This press is really a Flexo stack machine.